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How it works
  • Step 1 – Snap
    Your on-site Impressius printer encourages guests to capture moments at your venue using their smartphones. There’s no better incentive to take #selfies.
  • Step 2 – Share
    Users post their photos with your brand tag & location on social media, creating an avalanche of shares, likes, check-ins and followers. User-Generated Content at its best.
  • Step 3 – Print
    A photo sticker is automatically printed with your logo & an optional promo coupon. Spread your campaign message among their friends and fans while driving repeat foot traffic.
  • Collect data
    Email profiles are automatically captured (GDPR proof ✅), so you can retarget & follow-up on qualified leads. Our analytics report tracks how well your brand is trending and who is talking about you.
Get more of your audience
  • Augment your customer's experience
    Impressius technology puts the camera in your customers’ hands. Let them take photos of their visit at your venue with their mobile devices for memories and online sharing.
  • Engage your customers beyond their stay.
    Photos shared online and customized photo stickers create lasting impression and greater social outreach, engaging your customers long after stay.
  • Spark life at your venue the real easy way.
    Augmented reality, social walls and lucky draws will spark life at your venue quick and easy. Your customers participate by taking photos and sharing on social media. And Impressius selects the winner. Fun overload. Warning: may get a little noisy.
  • Support all your social media needs
    Impressius boasts 10 printing and sharing options such as through Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, LINE and email. Enhance the visibility of your venue across many social platforms or put the spotlight on a few for depth. Versatile to a tee. Not to mention ensuring your customers are spoiled for choice.
  • Guaranteed engagement with real-time results.
    Our reporting dashboard gives you the results and information you need. From online social reach and engagements, to email database and top publishers, you get them all. And we bare them all with confidence.
  • Ease of use for a smooth experience
    Instant access, no download needed, and one-click share buttons ease the experience of snapping and sharing photos. No more than 2.5 minutes from start to end. Plain simple. Get them talking about the venue online and offline in no time.
  • Customize for greater customer outreach and interaction.
    Backdrops, signage, TV and projector screen in different sizes and types are available to enrich your special events. Customize them for a seamless match with your venue’s feel and look, as they reach out to more customers.
  • Focus on what matters.
    Quick setup and maintenance-free system make this possible. Watch the engagement soar after the booth setup.
See the Impressius printer in action at Hooters restaurants
Hear what our past partners have to say...
  • Guests love it. This constant word of mouth gives us solid exposure on social media, the ROI of Impressius is clear.
    Fraser Ross - Novotel Phuket Beach Resorts
  • Impressius is an absolute hit with our guests. In this day and age where data is crucial, Impressius has been instrumental in providing us with a database. We have successfully used it for email marketing and engagement on platforms such as Facebook. Highly recommended.
    Rami Nuek - Solitaire Hotel, Bangkok
  • A great engagement tool in our hotel lobby and at our events. It delights our customers with unique branded souvenirs while making us visible on the social media!
    Nicole Agsten - The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok
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