Impressius: Instagram and Hashtag printers for any occasion

When using social media to promote your brand, you need to give out consistent information to help your message go viral. Photo booth machines are a superb and innovative way to encourage others to promote your brand. Your visitors can take images on their mobile devices or using our state-of-the-art equipment. Impressius will instantly print the photos while encouraging your guests to post them on social media. Use micro-influencers and existing customers to act as brand ambassadors by using posts and images to pass on your message.

The more influencers and micro-influencers that you have talking about your brand, the more chances you have of your message going viral. A hashtag printer encourages engagement. After all, it’s a free and easy way to get people talking, but by offering clever incentives, such as photos that come complete with backdrops designed to suit your event or brand, you are likely to receive higher levels of engagement.

By using Impressius’ technology, you have the opportunity to highlight the brand image you want to convey through, for example, photos, magnets or stickers. It can be used to highlight your brand, product or even niche to greater effect. When used correctly, tags create a pathway to drive users to your website. Those that use your photo booth will also have images that they can instantly take away; all they have to do is apply the relevant tags and post their pictures on Instagram.

Don’t forget to promote your posts on other social media channels. Both Facebook and Twitter have huge followings, so Instagram doesn’t need to be a standalone option. As a business owner, you too need to be creative with your accounts as, after all, you want your brand noticed! Impressius can help you to get started passing on the message by creating images and trinkets that your guests can take away.

It is subtle yet effective means of getting noticed without being viewed actively pushing your product. By adopting a softer approach, people are likely to see your message and engage more subliminally. Let your product do the talking and get your brand ambassadors to spread the word.

Make memories everlasting with Impressius.