Introducing the

Impressius Mini

The world's first ultra-portable social media hashtag printer for street marketing.

  • Install anywhere you want.

    So light you can stick it to a wall and let it do its job, fully automated and wireless.
  • A new kind of fun.

    You need fun to get by life, so does that private gathering you have in mind. Inject it with instant photo printing and sharing made for more than just businesses, but for everyone.
  • Fits right into your palm.

    Running on battery, the Impressius Mini can be carried around with ease. Amazingly convenient and super easy to use anywhere, anytime.
  • Up to 90 prints.

    Power social and fun up to 90 prints. Change the print roll in a few heartbeats when it runs out.
  • Fully automated.

    No setup. No manual operation. Just turn it on and start engaging. It’s that easy.
  • Full functionality without hurting your budget.

    Enjoy everything you like about the Impressius Box, right down to the printing and sharing options – at one-third the price or less. Don’t let low budget stop you.

    See the Impressius printer in action

    Make memories everlasting with Impressius.