• Impressius Features

    • What are the printing options?

      Event-specific #hashtag printing and @mention printing through Instagram. And direct printing through Impressius.com or a white-labeled unique URL, at your request. The second option is unique to Impressius.
      We also allow printing through Facebook Messenger, Twitter, email, LINE, LINE@, WeChat, DSLR camera, FTP and more. This makes Impressius the first of its kind to have these many printing options.

    • Where can the photos be shared?

      They can be shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, LINE, by email and other social media platforms.

    • Are you GDPR compliant?

      Yes. We can provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) on request.

    • What quality can I expect of the printouts?

      Only the best. Our photo stickers use Zink technology. The printing is ink-free, allowing the print stickers to be smudge-free, resistant to fading and liquid proof.

      Our larger postcard-sized 4×6 photos are printed using a professional, lab-quality dye sublimation printer.

    • Can I get the soft copies of all the print stickers?

      Yes. We’ll send them to you along with a post-event report of engagement results and customer database.

    • What is the dimension of the print stickers?

      It’s about the dimension of a credit card. Fits right in your wallet as the perfect memento. Please contact us for exact product measurements.

    • What screen will I receive for the social wall?

      By default, an Ultra HD 28” monitor. We provide other-sized TVs or projectors upon request. The screen will also contain your logo or advertising messages.

    • Will the Impressius Box take up a lot of space?

      The Impressius Box is designed to be light, compact and easy to setup. And the Impressius Mini fits in your hand.

    • What forms of engagement can I expect?

      Augmented reality, lucky draws, contests and social walls that are projected on-screen. We can work with your staff to brainstorm a unique and creative one for you.

    • Can I fully control the design, layout and content of the print stickers?

      Of course!

    • Can I monitor the social results in real time?

      Yes. It’s refreshed real time. And you can monitor on your computer or mobile device.

    • What results will I receive?

      The number of prints and users. The extent of reach and social impressions. Top posts and influencers with whom you can further engage. Full customer database with names, emails and demographic information.

    • Where do you make the Impressius Boxes?

      They are designed and made in our R&D center in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Support

    • What support will I get for my event?

      Onsite staff for setup and helping your guests. You can also book vetted promo girls through us for further engagement.

    • What support will I get for long-term engagement or permanent installation?

      A fully automated Impressius Box or Mini. You just need to refill the print paper once in a while. It takes 15 seconds or less. Also, you get the following support:

      • Free consultation anytime
      • Monthly usage reports with database
      • Regular engagement support to maximize the value from Impressius
      • Customization of Impressius Box, branding and photo frame for seasonal promotions and ad-hoc events
      • Personalized email newsletters on schedule to strengthen customer loyalty
  • Others

    • What do I need to provide for Impressius Box to work at my event or venue?

      A power plug; Wi-Fi connection or a good 3G reception; and a cocktail table or counter top. We’ll bring our own Wi-Fi device for connection.

    • Can I get an Impressius Box in my city?

      Probably! We have offices in 20 countries across 4 continents. We can also ship the Impressius Box to your city as we do worldwide shipping.

    • Can I buy an Impressius Box from you?

      Thanks for the interest, but we don’t accept purchases. We offer affordable long term rental plans or you can become a franchisee.

Make memories everlasting with Impressius.