• 2014
    Impressius was launched by Nicolas at Art Stage Singapore.
  • 20
    Impressius has grown to having a presence at major cities in over 20 countries worldwide.
  • 80+
    To date we have a portfolio of over 80 clients who continually choose our services to boost their next event.
  • 1000+
    We've been hired to participate in over a thousand events and venues thus far.
  • 10,000+
    Thousands of lasting memories created in the form of photo prints, and if a picture speaks a thousand words... you do the math!
  • 100M+
    Since our first event, Impressius has helped clients create a total of over 100 million social media impressions!
  • It all began when our founder, Nicolas attended events with a Polaroid© camera in hand. The instant photos he captured made great gifts, and he was repaid with smiles. He wasn’t a hired photographer, instead, he was seeking to solve the challenge of engaging with people both online and offline.

  • Soon he discovered a pattern—photos act as a social glue at events and venues. They are the source of pure joy; the trigger of fruitful conversations; the frame by which beautiful memories are captured within. His eyes were opened upon perceiving that the key to engagement at events and venues is through photos.

  • hooters grand opening

    Event photographers and traditional photo booths are onto something—their presence does not exactly improve audience engagement. In fact, since the emergence of mobile photography and social media, they became obsolete; thus event photography gained a new meaning.

  • happy users with a photo sticker in hand

    There is one form of photos that truly engages with people—the kind captured personally, the ones taken anytime and anywhere, then posted online instantly for their friends to like, comment, and share.

  • Instaroid Box animated

    This ‘eureka’ moment (and hard work) led to the launch and continued development of Impressius into what it is today, and the results speak for themselves.

  • Nicolas Brunet
    Founder & CEO
  • Ulrich van Brakel
    Ulrich van Brakel
  • Anoot Kritsanapan
    Anoot Kritsanapan
    Hardware Engineer
  • Joseph Tam
    Impressius Hong Kong
  • Aurel Pothier
    Impressius Philippines
  • N.Y. Chee
    Impressius Malaysia
  • Dorian Bezzina
    Impressius Phuket
  • Jean-Pierre Payet
    Impressius La Réunion & Mauritius
  • Isli Muca
    Impressius Albania
  • Obi Mohanyem
    Impressius Nigeria
  • Mathieu Gobeil
    Impressius Canada
  • Karl Jackson
    Impressius UK
  • Emmanuel Ayitey
    Impressius Ghana
  • Franck Debka
    Franck Debka
    Impressius Lac Léman
  • Marc Césard
    Impressius Colombia
  • Emma Chua
    Impressius Singapore
  • Veronique Sopta
    Impressius Guadeloupe
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